Cordova District Library

Minutes of the Regular Meeting

Of the Board of Trustees

September 23, 2014        



The meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm by Merredith Peterson, President.   Some board members may be attending electronically. 

Trustees in attendance:  Debra Deines, Debra Hart, Gene Krukow, Byron Kurkowski, Karen Lonergan, Merredith Peterson and Bruce Wood.

Sue Hebel/Library Director and Cheryl Lennox/Head Librarian were in attendance. 


The minutes from the previous meeting were presented.  Debra Deines made a motion to accept the minutes as read and was seconded by Karen Lonergan.   Motion carried.   


PRESIDENT’S REPORT:   Merredith Peterson shared a newspaper article about some of the nontraditional materials that are being circulated by libraries including, bikes and Bundt pans.





TREASURER’S REPORT:  Byron Kurkowski presented the financials for the month.  Karen Lonergan made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report and pay the bills.  Bruce Wood seconded.  Motion carried.


          BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the payments made by the District, under the signatures of the President, Treasurer, or Director, as detailed in the Financial Report presented and approved as necessary to meet the obligations of the District in timely manner.


Gene Krukow expressed concern about the financial reports stating “for management only.”  Sue Hebel will check into this.


DIRECTOR’S REPORT:   Sue Hebel reported:

·         Colette Saathoff passed the barcode test.  Sue and Cheryl went with her on the day of the test and took the opportunity to tour a number of libraries in the area.  Sue drove, so there was no rental car fee.

·         Traci and Cheryl will be attending the Prairie Cat Users Group meeting at Grand Bear Lodge in Utica on September 24, 2014.

·         On October 1, 2014 Sue will go to Peoria for a workshop titled, Local Government Financial Reporting, sponsored by Judy Barr Topinka’s office.  This concerns the annual financial report.

·         Sue distributed an article titled, “The New Library, Making It Without Books.”

·         The appraiser will be at the library on September 24, 2014.  The fee will be $500.00.

·         The December Board Meeting will be moved to December 16, 2014.  Agreed by consensus.

·         Sue has received a letter from State Farm Insurance, stating that the green space property is covered under our policy.



LIBRARIAN’S REPORT:   Cheryl Lennox reported:

·         August Statistics were distributed and discussed

·         The November calendar was discussed.  Karen Lonergan made a motion to approve the “Girl’s Overnight at the Library”, to be held on November 10, 2014, from 8:00 pm to 8:00 am November 11th.  Seconded by Deb Deines.  Motion passed.

·         The quilter’s program, “There’s Music in Them Thar Quilts” was very well attended.  The ABCD Quilting class was attended by 16 quilters. 





FINANCE:   No report

Budget and Appropriation Ordinance


The Budget and Appropriations Ordinance #2014-04   was discussed.  Per Library Law, the library is required to tax at .15 of accessed evaluation of the library district.   Motion was made by Karen Lonergan, seconded by Bruce Wood that the Budget and Appropriations Ordinance be accepted as presented.  Motion passed.

 Roll call vote:

         Gene Krukow           yes

         Deb Deines              yes

          Karen Lonergan        yes

Bruce Wood             yes

Byron Kurkowski      yes    

         Merredith Peterson   yes


BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Cordova District Library accepts Ordinance #2014-04   for the Combined Annual Budget and Appropriation for the Fiscal Year commencing July 1, 2015 and closing June 30, 2016 (Levy Year 2014-2015).


Financial Strategic Plan: No report



Custodial position open:  Rochelle Kindelsperger resigned due to health reasons.  10 applications have been submitted and the position will be filled by next month.



Personnel Strategic Plan:   No report     


POLICY:  No report

Policy Strategic Plan:  No report



Snow blower offer:  A motion was made by Bruce Wood and seconded by Deb Deines to accept the offer of $105.00 made for the snow blower.  Motion passed.


Building & Ground Strategic Plan:  No report


TECHNOLOGY:  No report

Technology Strategic Plan:  No report


UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Sue sent the FOIA Request to Andrew Andrzejewski, as requested.


NEW BUSINESS: Sue was happy to report that the Annual Report is complete.



The next meeting will be on Tuesday, October 14, 2014 at 4:30 p.m.   



A motion was made by Byron Kurkowski and seconded by Debra Hart to adjourn the meeting.   Motion carried.  The meeting was adjourned at 6:29 pm.



Respectfully Submitted,


Cheryl Lennox