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Cordova, Illinois


Cemeteries & Obituaries:
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Cordova Township Cemetery   records including grave and date information  
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Read about the Jesse Dailey Cemetery by Newell H. Dailey and Hubert A. Dailey

Military / Veterans:
Learn about the Military / Veterans of Cordova.


History of Cordova Illinois:

Read about Cordova Township from the Portrait and Biographical Album of Rock Island County (1885)
Read a "Brief History of the Village of Cordova" Mrs. Charity Benway and Mrs. Gladys Sidlinger
Read the History of Cordova and Her Citizens From 1836-1936 by Gladys Sidlinger, Port Byron Globe July 30, 1936
1936 Centennial Anniversary Celebration:  Articles from July 30, 1936 Port Byron Globe
Read the Argus Newspaper 1961 Article by Don Clasen
The History of Cordova.  This paper was written in 1960 by Bruce Marshall
Read Jere Bryan and Charles Hallenbeck's account: Trip to and From the Hills

Photographs from the past


Photographs, Articles, etc:

Local Business
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Flood of 1965
Flood of 1951
Card Collection by Perry Seevers


Genealogy Help   Links and a listing of some of the materials available at Cordova Library to help you with your research