Cordova District Library

Minutes of the Regular Meeting

Of the Board of Trustees

July 8, 2014      


The meeting was called to order at 4:30 pm by Merredith Peterson, President.   Some board members may be attending electronically.  Trustees in attendance Debra Hart, Byron Kurkowski, Karen Lonergan, Merredith Peterson and Bruce Wood. Absent: Debra Deines and Gene Krukow.

Sue Hebel/Library Director and Cheryl Lennox/Head Librarian were in attendance. 


John Haan discussed sidewalk issue with the Library Board, requesting matching funding from the library for repairs.


The minutes from the previous meeting were presented.  Debra Hart made a motion to accept the minutes as amended and was seconded by Byron Kurkowski.   Motion carried.   

The minutes from the May 13, 2014 Closed Session were presented.  Byron Kurkowski made a motion to accept the minutes.  Karen Lonergan seconded.  Motion carried.







TREASURER’S REPORT:  Byron Kurkowski presented the financials for the month.  Karen Lonergan made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report and pay the bills.  Byron Kurkowski seconded.  Motion carried.


            BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the payments made by the District, under the signatures of the President, Treasurer, or Director, as detailed in the Financial Report presented and approved as necessary to meet the obligations of the District in timely manner.


DIRECTOR’S REPORT:   Sue Hebel reported:

·         The library will be closed July 24th for staff in-service

·         Sue now has the password for the annual report and will begin work.  Lynn Crawford will complete the financial report.

·         A FOIA request was received on June 24, 2014, from Adam Andzejewski, requesting Cordova Library financial information from 2008-2014.  Sue discussed this issue with Attorney Phil Lenzini.  He told her to request an extension, but the request will need to be filled.  The library board requested that Sue respond to Mr. Andzejeski’s   request with a charge for the service before proceeding with the work.



LIBRARIAN’S REPORT:   Cheryl Lennox reported:

·         June 2014 and End of Year statistics were distributed and discussed

·         45 participants completed the Summer Reading Program.  37 will attend the trip and 9 will receive a gift certificate.  28 paying adults will also attend the trip to Medieval Times

·         June was a busy month with 13 participating in the Blood Drive, 22 kids attended the week long art camp and final trip to the Figge Museum, 39 attend the White Pines bus trip to see The Golden Gals, and 15 attended the Friends staff appreciation luncheon at Krumpets in Fulton.

·         Science camp is in session with 22 attending each day.

·         The August calendar was distributed and discussed.

·         Cheryl will be on vacation from July 26-August 11





FINANCE:   No report

Financial Strategic Plan: No report


PERSONNEL:    No report

Personnel Strategic Plan:   No report   


POLICY:  No report

Policy Strategic Plan:  No report



·         Paperwork has been signed and the “Old School Property” is now owned by the library.  The property will now be called “The Library Green Space”

·         The broken snow blower will be advertised for sale for $150.00 on the library bulletin board for 30 days.

·         A quote has been requested from Nelson Electric to replace the parking lot streetlight.

·         A motion was made by Karen Lonergan and seconded by Debra Deines to give the Village of Cordova $1000.00 for the repair of the sidewalk along the north side of the library building if the project is completed by September 30, 2014 to the satisfaction of the Library Director. Motion passed.


Roll Call Vote:

Debra Hart                    yes

Byron Kurkowski            no

Bruce Wood                   yes

Karen Lonergan             yes

Merredith Peterson        yes


Building & Ground Strategic Plan:  No report


TECHNOLOGY:  No report

Technology Strategic Plan:  No report





Byron Kurkowski and Karen Lonergan will audit the Library Board meeting minutes



The next meeting will be on Tuesday, August 12, 2014 at 4:30 pm.   



A motion was made by Byron Kurkowski and seconded by Karen Lonergan to adjourn the meeting.   Motion carried.  The meeting was adjourned at 5:50 pm.



Respectfully Submitted,

Cheryl Lennox