Cordova District Library

Minutes of the Regular Meeting

Of the Board of Trustees

July 9, 2013     


The meeting was called to order at 4:32 pm by Merredith Peterson, President.    

Trustees in attendance:  Debra Deines (joined meeting at 5:27), Debra Hart, Gene Krukow, Byron Kurkowski, Karen Lonergan, and Merredith Peterson.  Absent: Bruce Wood.

Sue Hebel/Library Director and Cheryl Lennox/Head Librarian were in attendance. 


The minutes from the previous meeting were presented.  Karen Lonergan made a motion to accept the minutes as amended and was seconded by Debra Hart.   Motion carried.   


PRESIDENTíS REPORT:   New Board Trustee, Byron Kurkowski, was appointed to fill an unexpired 2 year term and was sworn in by President Merredith Peterson.


SECRETARYíS REPORT:   A thank you note from the Census Bureau, for use of the Alice Mason room, was read.




Gene Krukow reported that we are $5365.00 under budget for the year, with a plan approximately $47,195.00 to go into contingency.


Gene Krukow presented the financials for the month.  Gene Krukow made a motion to accept the Treasurerís report and pay the bills.  Karen Lonergan seconded.  Motion carried.


            BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the payments made by the District, under the signatures of the President, Treasurer, or Director, as detailed in the Financial Report presented and approved as necessary to meet the obligations of the District in timely manner.


Epay is not working with the library circulation software. PrairieCat is working to fix.


DIRECTORíS REPORT:   Sue Hebel reported: The check to East Moline Glass is being held until the buzzer is fixed.


LIBRARIANíS REPORT:   Cheryl Lennox reported:

         End of year statistics were presented.

         The mini barn quilt painting at the Cordova Community Day was a success, (even with the rain).  41 completed!

         Childrenís programming for the summer: 18 attending weekly Science Camp, 24 attending Art Camp, and the Under 8 program has 10-12 kids each week.

         The August calendar was distributed and discussed.




FINANCE:   A motion was made by Gene Krukow and seconded by Karen Lonergan to combine matured CDís and the end of year surplus of $47,195.00 into a new CD in a location where rates are favorable.  Motion passed:

Byron Kurkowski           yes

Karen Lonergan             yes

Debra Hart                    yes

Gene Krukow                yes

Merredith Peterson        yes


Financial Strategic Plan: No report


PERSONNEL:    Sue Hebel reported that she will be on vacation July 29th Ė August 4th.

Personnel Strategic Plan:   No report   



Review of By-Laws:  Karen Lonergan made a motion, seconded by Gene Krukow, to remove Program and Services from the board committees.  Motion passed.


Committee Assignments were made:

Bruce Wood:  Buildings and Grounds

Gene Krukow:  Treasurer

Merredith Peterson:  Technology

Debra Hart:  Policy

Karen Lonergan:  Personnel




A motion was made by Karen Lonergan and seconded by Debra Hart to authorize Deb Deines, Gene Krukow, Sue Hebel and Byron Kurkowski to sign checks and move funds when necessary. Motion passed.  Roll call vote:

Byron Kurkowski           yes

Karen Lonergan             yes

Debra Hart                    yes

Gene Krukow                yes

Merredith Peterson        yes



Policy Strategic Plan:  No report


BUILDINGS & GROUNDS:  Sue Hebel reported:

         Tom Bridge has measured the tiles and will fix the floor as soon as possible.

         New contacts are needed to fix the door buzzer.

         Bids for replacing the air conditioners have been received.


Building & Ground Strategic Plan:  No report


TECHNOLOGY:  No report

Technology Strategic Plan:  No report




NEW BUSINESS: no report



The next meeting will be on Tuesday, August 13, 2013 at 4:30 p.m.   



A motion was made by Debra Deines and seconded by Debra Hart to adjourn the meeting.   Motion carried.  The meeting was adjourned at 5:31 pm.



Respectfully Submitted,


Cheryl Lennox