The Jesse Dailey Cemetery

Coe Township Rock Island County, Illinois

 This cemetery is located at or near the northwest corner of the southwest quarter of Section 5 of Township 19 North and Range 2  East, Coe township, Rock Island county, Illinois.  It is on a wooded knoll on the west side of Boardman Road, called County Road R, one mile north of the intersection of County Roads R and CC, and slightly more than a mile south of the intersection of County Roads R and BB.  County Road R has now been designated 226th Street North, CC is 129th Avenue North, and BB is 157th Avenue North.  BB runs westward to Cordova, Illinois.

 On Sunday, September 29, 1968, Newell H. Dailey and Hubert A. Dailey visited this cemetery and copied the inscriptions from all of the eighteen main stones and numerous headstones and footstones which could be discovered in the course of a diligent search.  Unusual names and spelling (e.g., Russel, Hubard, Hariet, Luela, Phebe, etc.) were carefully recorded.  Epitaphs were usually omitted, but those containing genealogical information were noted.  In 1968 the cemetery was in a neglected state, overgrown with weeds, underbrush, and trees of various sizes.  However, all the gravestones appeared to be in their original locations, and most of them could be read without difficulty.

On Thursday, October 9, 1975, Newell H. Dailey again visited the cemetery and found it thickly covered with trees and underbrush.  Also, vandals have overturned, broken, or otherwise damaged all of the grave markers except the massive granite monument of Jesse S. and Maggie E. Dailey, and the marble slabs of Edward H. Daily, Austin C. and Walter E. Daily, and Clarence H.D. Brown, herein called Stones No. 1,2, 6, and 12 respectively.  Two holes have been dug, about two feet by four feet and several feet deep, possibly to gain access to graves.  Broken and uprooted gravestones have been thrown into these holes, eleven pieces being visible in one hole and one piece in the other.

 “The Past and Present of Rock Island County, Ill.”, published in 1877 and reprinted in 1973 under the sponsorship of the Blackhawk Genealogical Society, Rock Island, Illinois, gives the following information concerning Jesse S. Dailey, on page 405:

DAILEY JESSE S. Farmer and Stock Raiser; Sec. 5; P.O. Cordova; born in Va., 1826; came to this co. in 1840; Rep; Bapt; owns 316 acres, value $18,000; was Assessor two years; elected Supervisor for 1873-4-5-6; married Margaret L. Hitchcock, of Iowa, in 1856; one girl, Edith A.

On page 207 of the same book we learn that J.S. Dailey was also elected Supervisor for Coe township in 1877, the year the book was published.

On the following pages of this record there is first a stone-by-stone listing of the inscriptions found on the eighteen gravestones in 1968, all copied as faithfully as possible.  Following this listing there is an alphabetical listing of the twenty-three persons who were buried in the cemetery between 1840, when there was apparently a double tragedy in the Hugh Dailey family, and 1907, when Sarah M. Eggleston was laid to rest beside her husband, who had died seventeen years before.  There is no evidence of any burials since 1907.

Stone by stone listing

Alphabetical Listing

Note:  This cemetery record was compiled by Newell H. Dailey of Port Byron, Illinois, with the assistance of his brother Robert A. Dailey, now deceased.  Newell and Hubert Dailey are descendants of David Dailey, who was born in New Hampshire in 1813, and who came to Rock Island county from Montpelier, Vermont , in 1838 and settle in Zuma township.  There is no established relationship between the Jesse Dailey and David Dailey families.

Port Byron, Illinois

October 20, 1975