Cordova Township Cemetery



The Cordova Cemetery Association was incorporated in February of 1855 after the purchase of a five acre plot of land east of the town of Cordova.  In 1879 a wooden fence was erected along the front of the cemetery and a wire fence around the rest of the cemetery.  This not only defined the area, but kept out the livestock from surrounding farms, plus vehicles and traffic to and from the quarries and lime kilns in the area.  The tool house built in 1897 no longer stands today.  In January 1939 a proposal was made to turn over the assets of the Cemetery association to Cordova Township.  This was done with the understanding that the township  provide for the maintenance and expansion when necessary.  In 1941, seven acres was acquired from the James Durbin estate making the cemetery about twelve acres as it remains today.  The oldest grave recorded on a headstone is 1845.  Since the records prior to 1881 were lost, the earliest recorded sale of a lot is 1880.  In 1990, a tornado ripped a path through the cemetery and the east end of Cordova along the highway before traveling up River Road.  The twister damaged the ornate cemetery sign estimated to be at least 100 years old, crumbled many monuments and knocked over many trees.  Monuments were repaired and new trees were planted.  The newest improvements to the grounds have been new flags (including POW flags) to line the front of the area, attractive trash containers, two riding lawn mowers, lovely landscaping and trees, and new lighting for security purposes. 

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