Cordova District Library

Board of Trustees Meeting

December 21, 2017  6:00 p.m.   


Order of Business


Call to Order.  Some board members may be attending electronically.


Public comments:  Visitors are asked to introduce themselves at this time and present any issues they wish to discuss. Visitors wishing to address specific agenda items will be granted two to five minutes at the discretion of the President, not to exceed a total of ten minutes.


Approval of Minutes of Regular Board Meeting

Approval of Minutes of Closed Session


Secretaryís report, Correspondence and Communications


Board Presidentís report


Treasurerís report, approval of bills


Directorís report


Librarianís report


Board Reports


        Tax Levy Ordinance

        3M Update

        Exelon Update



        Potential Future Changes



        Sexual Harassment Policy


   Building and Grounds

        Building/Sidewalk project

        Heads Up Item: Roof replacement




Unfinished Business


New Business

        River Valley Library


Next meeting:  Thursday, January 11, 2018 at 8:00 a.m.