Cordova District Library

Board of Trustees Meeting

February 8, 2018 8:00 a.m.   


Order of Business – No action was taken due to lack of quorum.

          Meeting rescheduled to Feb. 15th at 8 AM.

Pastor John

Request for permission to use Library Greenspace during Harvest Home Community Event on Saturday, September 8, 2018

Due to a lack of a quorum, no action was taken. A tentative approval was given to the church to use the greenspace for Harvest Home for bounce houses and games.

He also presented options for groups to participate in Harvest Home either by having a booth and or contributing to the expense of the bounce houses.



February 15, 2018 Meeting

Call to Order: President Deb Hart called the meeting to order at 8 AM.


Members Present: Deb Hart, Deb Deines, Mark Barnes, Regina Skipper, Merredith Peterson. Also, Karen Lonergan, Director and Chalyn Fornero-Green, Librarian/ PR Coordinator

Members Absent: none


Public comments:  Visitors are asked to introduce themselves at this time and present any issues they wish to discuss. Visitors wishing to address specific agenda items will be granted two to five minutes at the discretion of the President, not to exceed a total of ten minutes.



Approval of Minutes of Regular Board Meeting – as presented

Motion to accept by Deb Deines, second by Mark Barnes. Motion carried.

Secretary’s report, Correspondence and Communications

          Merredith read a thank you note from Cheryl Lennox.


Board President’s report - none


Treasurer’s report, approval of bills

Karen presented the bills. Deb Deines moved to accept the report. Regina gave the second. Motion carried.

The asset report showed a total of $1,471,097.18.

There was a discussion about generating the asset report and filling the position of treasurer. Regina is willing to take the treasurer’s position.


Be it further resolved that the payments made by the District, under the signatures of the President, Treasurer, or Director, as detailed in the Financial Report presented and approved as necessary to meet the obligations of the District in a timely manner.


Director’s report Highlights (see attached for full report)

Karen met with the Village Board, the Township Board, and Exelon discussing various options for collaboration.

Professional development training and workshops are being completed to allow both the Director and Librarian full participation in the larger library systems.

Karen reported PrairieCat fees will increase by 6.54% from $5,557.39 to $5,920.68 for FY18/19.

Audrey Roman has resigned from the board leaving the treasurer’s position open. The board has two vacancies.


Librarian’s report – Highlights (full report attached)

Chalyn reported on the activities at the library. The video game tournament on Martin Luther King was attended by ten children, nine of which were boys, a targeted group.

Professional development classes are being completed.

The marketing portion of the position was addressed by three steps:

o    Met with Betsy Flaherty at Exelon to create marketing plan

o    Building new website

o    Moved Instagram and Pinterest to a business account

Future programming dates were shared as well as the monthly statistics. There are no areas of concern. Records show growth.



Board Reports


·          Updated Exelon Settlement Agreement and Taxing Bodies Inter-Governmental Agreement

The board reviewed the updated inter-governmental agreement with Exelon.

·          Motion to adopt: Mark Barnes and second by Deb Deines.

o    Mark Barnes – Yes

o    Deb Dienes – Yes

o    Deb Hart – Yes

o    Merredith Peterson – Yes

The documents were signed: the Settlement Agreement, the Joint motion and the Stipulation.


·        New Maintenance Person – Duane Wilkey started Jan. 19th

Kyle Maynard resigned from the maintenance position due to a change in his schedule. Duane Wilkey started in the position January 19, 2018.

·         CPR Training:
Tristan Dalaska will conduct CPR/AED training. He is donating his time. Cost for the card and manual is $22.50/person. Training is scheduled for Wednesday, March 7 from 4:00-6:30pm

·        Ninety Day Review

o   Karen will work with Chalyn.

o   The board will review Karen’s performance.

§  Motion for closed session to discuss personnel  Motion by Mark Barnes, second by Deb Deines

o   The board returned from closed session.

§  Motion by Merredith Peterson, seconded by Deb Deines



·        Holiday Policy (E17)
President’s Day exchanged for Veteran’s Day

Deb Deines moved to exchange Veteran’s Day for Presidents’ Day as a paid holiday.

·        Borrowing Privileges Policy (B4)
Consider adding business library card requirements

Proposed: Non-residential business owners could be given library cards and access to all resources. Karen will bring a policy in March.
Discussed the possibility of outage workers using Hoopla – see Director’s report.


Building and Grounds

·         AED Purchase

Karen presented estimated costs for Phillips and Zoll AED machines. The Phillips model is used by the Fire Department.

Motion to purchase a Phillips AED machine – Mark Barnes, second by Merredith Peterson.

·         Harvest Home use of Green Space on September 8th.

o   The church would like to use our green space for the bounce houses and children’s games during their Harvest Home fundraiser.

o   Motion by Deb D. seconded by Mark Barnes. Motion carried.


Technology – no business



Unfinished Business

A motion for extended hours for early voting on Tuesday, March 6th passed.

Motion – Merredith Peterson, second Deb Deines


 Open meeting training information for members

            Some members have not completed the online training on the open meetings act. They need to complete it as a requirement for the per capita grant and other funding options.

New Business - none



Next meeting:  Thursday, March 8, 2018 at 11:00 AM. 



Respectfully submitted,

Merredith Peterson, Secretary